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missultit con polenta

The lands of Como Lake are famous throughout the world for its scenery of enchanting beauty. The territory lying between mountains and water is poor in lowland areas, it is not therefore characterized by extensive cultivation. The local food is based on typical products resulting from water or from the mountains: fish, vegetables, game, poultry, eggs and milk.

This is a short list of traditional foods:

Savoury cheese bread
Fish fillets Agoni dried and treated with oil and laurel. Though very strong flavor, are considered one of the most typical food of Como
Patè di Cavedano
Chub fish pate
Porridge with its numerous variants
Soup of entrails of animals, vegetables and herbs. The tradition is to eat on Christmas Eve.
Supa de scigun
Onion soup
Gnocchi di patate
It is said that it was the brilliant Alessandro Volta to invent them. Dough of flour and potatoes cooked in salted water; the recipe lariana provides that instead of potatoes there are eggs and milk to soften the mixture.
Perch fillets with rice
Rice with perch fillets original of Lake Como they are small and very tasty, nothing to do with those commercially imported from Egypt.
Risotto with luganiga
Rice with sausage.
Pork ribs, pork rinds, sausage said Verzini, cabbage which have undergone a freeze cooked in a broth with carrots, onions, celery, white wine, olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. It goes well with polenta.

and yet so many fish in the lake with an intense flavor:
- Como eel: eel stew,
- Whitefish or perch or Agoni with butter and sage,
- Pike in a salad with potatoes and mayonnaise.

Do not forget:
- Hen boasts (boiled chicken left to cool and served with polenta)
- Rustisciada: pork cooked with onion and sausage

At the end of all a good Cutizza, a sweet cake fried in oil, also great as a snack!
cucina tipica: la cutizza

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agoniDried Agoni (Misultitt)

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